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Non-pasteurized, cold-pressed juice




A citric blend of orange, pineapple, carrot & turmeric. This juice is full of vitamins and gives you a great boost of energy.


This juice mixes spinach, celery, apple & lemon for a sweet and savory detox for your body. 



This blend of pomegranate, strawberry and cucumber along with a tiny pinch of ginger & jalapeño is the perfect mix of sweet, tart, spicy yet refreshing!

Boost Shots

Green Juice

Diablo Verde

Jalapeño, apple, cucumber & cilantro

Santo Rojo

Beets, celery, ginger & mint

Detox Bundles


Roda Juice Detox

Try a 1 or 3 day Roda Juice detox to kick start or maintain your health journey!

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About Us

Roda Juices are made 100% from fresh fruits & vegetables. Our juices are cold-pressed, raw & unpasteurized to maximize nutritional benefits.   Our juice recipes are inspired by the fresh juices you find in the cafes and street carts of Latin America.  Healthy Juices, Culturally Connected!


Our Story

Juicing for Health & a Love of Latin America!

The journey of Roda Juice from dream, concept and now finally reality was a long one and like much of 2020 was frought with struggles, set backs and pivoting! When owner Roberto Tapia immigrated to the United States over 15 years ago he profoundly missed the fresh fruit juices that he grew up with in his native Mexico & Chile.  After opening Roda Movements, a studio dedicated to fitness, dance  & martial arts in 2008, Roberto hoped to enhance his customers' experience by tapping into his love of healthy, fresh, 100% natural juices. Roberto’s vision for Roda Juice is to move beyond the idea of juicing as a health fad and connect it to its cultural roots specifically from his native Latin America. 



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